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Cephalopress is an independent publishing house formed of writers, operating out of Italy and the UK. Our aim is to help other writers who may be having difficulty in finding a home for their work based on the fact it might not be seen as ‘commercially viable’. Simply put, we want to publish good writing; real literature, the experimental and the brave, the forward-thinking in both form and content, the stuff mainstream publishing will rarely touch.

For more details on what exactly we’re looking for, see our submissions page and take a look at our web content.


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So many amazing new pieces of work flooding into us from all around the world, Nigeria to Australia, to Iran, to the UK, Italy, USA, mind blowing. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

http://www.cephalopress.com/inksac check out some amazing poems and stories X


One Foot Free, One Foot Caught by John Sweet

'flesh and bone and
bottomless blue sky, and
what exactly are we getting at here?

sex and depression,
and sometimes together...'

#poetry #inksac


A Fortnights's Time by Thomas Hannah

'I feel like jack Nicholson
only a little more crazy than that
without the cash & Pats on the back
from the way I’ve been acting
I deserve more than a rap sheet...'

#poetry #inksac


Where did they go by Joe Lucking @JoeLucking66

'A kid lied that he’d used his tie to hang himself from the light fitting.

His dead brother visited.

“It won’t be long now. Go will ya, I don’t want you to see me like this.” '

#poetrycommunity #inksac

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