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Cephalopress is an independent publishing house formed of writers, operating out of Italy and the UK. Our aim is to help other writers who may be having difficulty in finding a home for their work based on the fact it might not be seen as ‘commercially viable’. Simply put, we want to publish good writing; real literature, the experimental and the brave, the forward-thinking in both form and content, the stuff mainstream publishing will rarely touch.

For more details on what exactly we’re looking for, see our submissions page and take a look at our web content.


Bed Chips and Cigarettes by Matt Aguilar aka @gutterpunkpoet

'I watched Scorpio
eat the night
as you danced
like Venus
on the shores
of a dream'


#inksac #poetrylovers #WritingCommnunity

In two weeks we're bringing you our first print book, Self-Portrait by Elisabeth Horan @ehoranpoet , but in the meantime, familiarise yourself with her gut-wrenching poetry with our latest #inksac post, These Hours

#poetrycommunity #selfportrait


#selfportrait @ehoranpoet @cephalopress
#poetrylovers #artlovers #commingsoon

"These poems lie down in broken glass. They caress the sharp edges of shards left after the breaking."
- Jack B. Bedell, Poet Laureate, State of Louisiana

We're supremely excited to announce our first book, coming September 30th

Self-Portrait by Elisabeth Horan

Huge thanks to @ehoranpoet for your scintillating poetry, and the Cephalopress team for making this happen

#poetry #poetrycommunity #FridaKahlo #selfportrait

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