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Cephalopress is an independent publishing house formed of writers, operating out of Italy and the UK. Our aim is to help other writers who may be having difficulty in finding a home for their work based on the fact it might not be seen as ‘commercially viable’. Simply put, we want to publish good writing; real literature, the experimental and the brave, the forward-thinking in both form and content, the stuff mainstream publishing will rarely touch.

For more details on what exactly we’re looking for, see our submissions page and take a look at our web content.



Cherubim by Juliette Sebock @juliettesebock '

The cloud lies in your palm
While you roll it, stroke it.'

#poetry #inksac #indiepub


TV Prayers by Dylan Angell

'You were mesmerized by all the cars that never hit you...'

Read the rest of this furious piece of short fiction only on the #inksac #shortstory


Revitalised by Juliette Sebock @juliettesebock

'I told myself it was okay to cry
between strikes of light, sparking the sky.
But when I tried, I found only coins
pressed against the whites of my eyes.'

#poetry #inksac


Eagles, baby! by Michael Seymour Blake @Michael_S_Blake

A hilariously poignant allegory for our times, because we all just need a little validation sometimes #inksac #shortstory


Musings - 3 Poems epic poems by Mark Graziano

'She forgot about the needle in her
I forgot about mine years ago
She took a deep breath
Her head tilted back
It was harder to feel it
but ah
there it was.'

#inksac #poetry

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