In Contrapasso, we soar between examination and observation, moment and reflection, freedom and confinement. Fössinger’s lyrical approach to the collection can be felt in the lines that thrum with remembrance. The poems here work as frames, capturing reverential images, offering them up to the reader with an open hand. 


In many senses Contrapasso is a story in itself. It is one long poetic epic that flows from start to finish through the pages of this collection, much like Dante’s journey through Hell – and, later, Purgatory –, from which this book takes its name. It's a beautiful and at times harrowing account of a love for someone who is imprisoned, a love that perhaps should not exist, should be unable to continue, but nevertheless, does exactly so. 


'Fössinger expertly blends the metaphysical and the mundane, abilities and limitations, judgement, and celebration. Amongst other central concerns, many of these poems speak intimately about the process of writing poetry, making the collection essential reading for any poet.' – The Gentian Journal

'The title’s reference to Dante signals the feeling of awaiting judgement, simultaneously rooting itself in the past and looking towards a future experience of brutal suffering.' The Gentian Journal

'The collection concerns itself with language’s ability to shape both lives and perceptions, through both overt and hidden meanings. Moving focus between the past, the present, and the future, the collection zeroes in on what it might mean to experience a life, yet not feel as if one is doing so.' – The Gentian Journal

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'Contrapasso vividly encapsulates the sense of disorientation that comes hand-in-hand with separation in a way that is so vividly relatable you cannot help but be drawn in. The opening lines from Dante’s Inferno mark the beginning of a journey which continually thrusts the reader in and out of reality and consciousness, height and depth, the dream world and the prosaic, with fluctuating speeds of intensity.' – Kayleigh Cutforth, Editor, MONO

'Fössinger’s poetry addresses survival, the hinterlands, the vast spaces between emotions that are too deep to be expressed and painful memories which sometimes come peacefully and at other times fiercely.' – Kayleigh Cutforth, Editor, MONO

'This collection flawlessly reflects the ebbs and tides of grief and loss in all its forms, from the titles in multiple languages to the editing and ordering of poems which read like a stream of consciousness, this is a masterly debut collection from an accomplished poet and certainly one to take notice of.’ – Kayleigh Cutforth, Editor, MONO

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