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The Borders & Belonging Project:
A Cephalopress Anthology

In December 2022, we released our first ever Anthology, Borders & Belonging, featuring 28 pieces of short fiction and poetry from 28 writers all around the world. As part of the project, we've been holding events to promote the book and it's vital theme, taking the conversations from the pages of the book, to real world spaces. What does Borders & Belonging mean to you?

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The Anthology: What's it about?

In this, the first ever Cephalopress Anthology, we explore a theme close to our hearts; that of Borders & Belonging. From the physical, to the imagined, and everything in between, we move through circles both large and small – families, communities, nations – delving into the very essence of who we are, and what it means to be human, and to belong, in today’s increasingly fractured and turbulent society.

This anthology features 28 carefully selected pieces of short fiction and poetry from writers all around the globe. Each one them responds to the theme in their own unique way, but there is one single thread that unmistakably runs through this collection from start to finish: that we are here, that we need to come together, and that borders will not stop us from connecting, creating, and nurturing these spaces we inhabit for those who will come after, looking for a place in which they too can belong.


Event: The launch at Backstory Bookshop

We had an incredibly successful live launch event in London this summer. The event featured incredible performances,  and some really thought-provoking conversations on this ever important theme.

B&B 2A.jpg
Parallel Lines

A clip from the Event

Check out a clip from the Event at Backstory, featuring some discussion around Maria Cohut's piece from the Anthology, titled 'Where is home for you?'


Following the success of our launch event in London, we organised and held an ONLINE event on Thursday the 19th of July 2023.


The event was designed to further spread the art and discussion surrounding the Borders & Belonging anthology. It featuring nine poets and writers from the anthology, reading and discussing their work on this important theme. As this topic is such a global one, it was important to take the discussion online so those who are further afield, or who have access issues, could participate in the conversation as well. 

Partnering the with The Art of Returning

This December we partnered with the Film Screening project, The Art of Returning, for another live event at Rich Mix in London.

Featuring some wonderful readings, as well as poignant, and inspiring conversation, it was another amazing night. Huge thank you to our collaborators at Rich Mix and The Art of Returning.

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