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Lannie Stabile | Poetry

Accessible as it is sharp, Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus is a poetry collection that conveys an important message: the damage of patriarchy, its effects on our mental health, and the legacy that Zeus leaves behind.

In this poetry collection, Lannie Stabile explores the patriarchal culture that firstly leads men to call their dogs Zeus, and secondly leads us all to accept that as kind-of okay — ignoring the fact that all-powerful Zeus, symbol of masculinity and thunder god, famously used his dominion to manipulate, abduct, and prey on countless women, human and deity alike.

Interspersing Greek mythology with personal tales, weaving between adult and childhood narratives, Stabile masterfully brings together modern and ancient stories that will resonate deeply with the impact of a lightning strike.

In dealing with heavy topics like depression and sexual assault, the author gives voice to the thoughts, feelings, and bodily experiences of countless people who find it so difficult to connect with, let alone express, their experiences.

Like all great works of poetry, this collection takes us out of our comfort zone. It shows us the inside of trauma, exposing how it feels in a way that a self-help book cannot. It is a deeply raw, vibrant collection — challenging in places — and all the while refreshingly human.

An essential addition to any feminist collection, this is a collection to read again and again, always finding something new. We all need connection, and in a world that celebrates Zeus culture, acknowledging and validating the emotions and experiences that come out of it is essential for healing. This book can offer that sort of validation.

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