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  • Charlotte Cosgrove

Typical man haters

By Charlotte Cosgrove

You give the right amount of shit to them and they love it

For a bit Until they can’t fucking take it no more

Fucking shit bags want

A strong woman they say but it’s all bullshit again

They want a mother

Who is a lover a lover who looks like

Jessica Rabbit or some other

Fake thing with big tits in a tight dress ready for

Them and their demands.

They think their cocks are

Machine guns a weapon a weapon

To threaten and explode

All over the place. Why do they always

Want to do it all over your face to blind you

The bastards and now they’ll call you

A man hater we are not all

The same they’ll shout but come on now get real

We know those weapons

Are greedy little fuckers that don’t want to know

About world war one or your existential crisis

And they definitely

Don’t want to watch university challenge

And tot up the score.


Charlotte Cosgrove is a poet and lecturer from Liverpool, England. She is published in Trouvaille Review, Dreich, Beyond Words, Words and Whispers, Confingo, Northern Otter Press as well as others in print and online. Her first poetry book Silent Violence with Petals will be published later in the year with Kelsay Books. She is Editor of Rough Diamond Poetry Journal.

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