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  • Ben Macnair


Ben Macnair

When sleeplessness pounds

like spooked black Horses,

and the Night-Mare rears her hooves

calling across a canyon,

the hooves are a drum on the ground,

and pointed teeth and fetlock

are the blur of a shutter speed,

shadows are the shapes of fear

the sky is tainted black,

and the pin pricks of stars

mark the surface of a dream,

wake up.

For the shadows are only trees,

knocking against the window,

insistent you pay them attention

and the spooked black horse is calm,

carrying the eternal foot-man

who holds your coat,

but smiles and waves,

saying it is not time, just yet.

You know it was either the rain,

or the pipes that woke you,

but somewhere, out there,

is a Spooked Black Horse,

and unanswered questions.


Ben Macnair is an award-winning poet and playwright from Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. Follow him on Twitter @ benmacnair.


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