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  • Andrew Furst

Ray guns and severity

Andrew Furst

Photo by Jussara Romão on Unsplash

sewing the remnants of now and then,

with threads of the undertow;

threads as red

as graciousness.

we are the gray,

making time.

the sisters of our thoughts,

not our clever virtues.

we are loam, and

permanent frost.

we joke;

feed dishonesty little crumbs,

and set things aside.

i’ll set aside

my ray guns,

and you,

your severity.

and because the minutes

implacably refashion themselves into lives,

I’ll keep some flowers,



Andrew Furst is a poet, artist, author, Buddhist teacher, photographer, musician, and a technologist. His poetry has appeared in The Chaffin Journal, Superpresent magazine, Dime Show Review, and Levee Magazine, amongst others. His art has been featured in the Emerson Review and Mud Season Review. More about Andrew at


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