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  • Andrew Furst


Andrew Furst

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

at the dusk of dreaming,

i must not forget

i cannot fly.

i am born, each day,

a pair of eyes

and a lumbering torso.


in the movements of fingers, toes,

and a house bound mind.


i am light

and spaciousness

on the cottony ether.


at the dusk of dreaming

i must not forget

that i cannot fly

i cannot drift off curbs,

over cars,

and above the trains.

i do not softly


to touch

the ground.

at the dusk of dreaming.


Andrew Furst is a poet, artist, author, Buddhist teacher, photographer, musician, and a technologist. His poetry has appeared in The Chaffin Journal, Superpresent magazine, Dime Show Review, and Levee Magazine, amongst others. His art has been featured in the Emerson Review and Mud Season Review. More about Andrew at


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