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  • Kit Isherwood


By Kit Isherwood

you ask me if I’m bisexual whether I’ve eaten as much pussy

as I have ass I tell you no comb your hair

with my fingers still damp from our sex

your body glistens with the shimmer of the night’s

moon the curtains open because you like it

that way like the off chance that someone might catch

sodomy through the window the risk you tell me this

call it sodomy as if that was how you were taught

about us about the passion we’ve shared

I understand of course your parents live in another city

hoping you’ll bring home a sweet Hindi girl that

you’ll move back and live close by start a family

I ask whether you’ve ever been with a woman in love

or otherwise you ask why I never asked you that of a man


Kit Isherwood (he/him) is a twenty-six year old queer poet from Birmingham. His poetry has been published in various places, such as Verve, Young Poets Network, Ligeia, Queerlings, Fahmidan, Tealight Press, Dreich, Spelt, Acid Bath Publishing, and Muswell Press. He is currently working on his first pamphlet.


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