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  • Ash Bainbridge

Only rebels win

Ash Bainbridge

Off-grid wealth in state-dealt poverty:

I am a Relationship Anarchist.

Familial economy,

hormone-soaked audacity, and


are restructured for


Love is not commodity.

Why spend my hard earns

on one impulse buy –

The Best I Can Afford –

then trust my billboard

also markets, “I’m alright!”

No returns.

Free will.

Until –

one day –

one of us dies and The

One robbed grieving with

demonetised feelings

and bankrupt heart

restarts gambling

on just

one more

yet another The


I value choice. But, fuck me, the voice of

nags when deadlines hang

and they all clock me active on Instagram.

Investment? STI tests regularly,

loneliness when no-one’s free,

slutty picnics, Air BnBs,

the oversight


day all may crash



Our joint diary’s a trading

floor masterpiece.

With honoured lust,

I know just

how much

my metamour’s vegan lube costs.

These queered bonds are not nylon-clad fuck factory,

battery human hatchery,

triad trigonometry with

sexperts (free)

and sexpertise (free),

or tat tonic for toxic jealousy.

I am home

and homesick



Ash Bainbridge (they/he) is a trans polyamorous parent and student midwife based in Worcester, UK. Their work celebrates these marginalized identities via language as safety, progress, and glue. In 2022, Ash was awarded a full mentorship with The Word Association and shortlisted for the Mary Seacole Award for Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion. Their poems have been published by - amongst others - Pulp Poets Press, Solstice Literary Magazine, The Mum Poem Press, Spoonie Press, and Bleeding Thunder.


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