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  • Charlotte Cosgrove


By Charlotte Cosgrove

Someone once said:

How you draw a house is a reflection of you

Pretty fucking obvious when you think

They say everything we do is a reflection of who we are

But we’ve got no control

Over it anymore adverts for cheap clothes

Advice about everything

Everywhere I can’t escape it

No more generic adverts for penis enlargement

Or hot ladies in your area they know what we want

Sell it all back to us

When we’ve already bought it.


Charlotte Cosgrove is a poet and lecturer from Liverpool, England. She is published in Trouvaille Review, Dreich, Beyond Words, Words and Whispers, Confingo, Northern Otter Press as well as others in print and online. Her first poetry book Silent Violence with Petals will be published later in the year with Kelsay Books. She is Editor of Rough Diamond Poetry Journal.


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