YInMn (#2e5090)

By RC deWinter

they say there’s nothing new under the sun
but guess again
quite by accident
scientists created a blue
unlike any other in existence

with a bonus
it will never fade

born of a triplet of oxides
already christened with a hex
a chemical potpourri impervious to oil
and more importantly (to me anyway)


not even tears can dim its brilliance
it will never fade

i hear they’re looking for a name
for this new shade
i’ve got the perfect one
because like this blue
there are other things that never fade


RC deWinter is a writer/digital artist whose poetry has been anthologized inNew York City Haiku (NY Times) andUno: A Poetry Anthology (Verian Thomas) and featured in print in 2River View, Pink Panther Magazine, Another Sun as well as in numerous online publications. She will also have two pieces in print in the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of Down in the Dirt.

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