We never asked for plastic, we were given it

By Dave Trevelion

We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go to 

– Terry Swearingen

Demand for fresh, demand for fast, demand for easy. Plastics, with their mouldable hardness, bright colours and easy processes, have given the industry the perfect stepping block towards success – but at what cost?

Lobbies, panels and demonstrations accompany horrendous visual news stories and haunting words across our newspapers. Headlines warn of an unparalleled environmental crisis – twinned with a threat to all mankind in the form of poison and microbeads. The subject is banded about by businessmen and politicians sensing a big cash day. But what is the solution? The solution comes in the form of one word. The solution is empowering. The word is definite. The word is ‘stop.’

That’s right, stop. Right now. Stop all production. Take plastic away. Replace it with literally anything else. Many products have now been developed to take its place (Bioplastics,Seaweed,Glass, and Aliphatic Polyesters), however, the research always seems to compare the ‘new guy’ to the ‘established pro’. When it comes to the alternatives, strength, durability, longevity and manufacturing processes are all under scrutiny. The only comparable factor relates to humanity.

Ok, so the new products aren’t as strong, nor as bright, they take longer to produce and cost more. Is this really important? Right now, surely the only questions should be, is it going to kill me? Is it going to destroy our planet?

Take plastic away.


Dave Trevellion is Cephalopress’ own business director, He writes sometimes because he likes words and he has more strong opinions on more subjects than most of us have time to fathom.

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