Two Views of a City

By Michael Hall

Forethought: Celestial Road to Zion

The jungle is a skyscraper

With its balconies bursting
With fate in a pleasant mood

By flora and fauna
In the form of ebony
Moonbeams, the zodiac
& lunar sunrises sown in the skyline
Of a constellated canopy

As we speak in tones of time

Like the Nile & the Niger, in
& out of streams
Of consciousness

Telling history
Along the way, from Eden
To where we’re inscribed today

On the wings of dreams
At the speed of night’s
Curious conjures about the cosmos

& its strange celestial road.

Afterthought: Down Here on the Ground

The jungle is a skyscraper

Still standing
On the 1926 bricks
Of a manifesto

That foretold the fact
Of nothing great arising
Out of assimilation or

Imitation, rooted in

The racial mountain penned by Langston
Amidst a Renaissance

Happening in Harlem
Where Africa talked
(& is still talking)

To you, down here on the asphalt, but

The message
Keeps getting lost
In translation

Amongst the urbanites, who do
Not necessarily see any grass
Or trees nor do they believe
In any American dream…

& each & every soul
Echoes the motto:
“It’ll be a good day
When we don’t have

To deal with police brutality
& equality actually extends back
Into the inner city that dwells

In me.

Michael David Saunders Hall is a true imagineer of pyrotechnic poetics. For him, writing is truly the balance of delicious agony and suite ecstasy, always revealing itself as both the process and the product of catharsis. His poetry has appeared in: AIM, The Alchemist Review, The Alembic, Black Thought, Drumvoices Revue, Little America and many others.

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