This Town

By Paul Mullen


you are living proof

of this second-rate culture


you mock my moustache / paisley cravat

(of Tootals, England)

handed down through generations

pass comment on my

skinny jeans                rally others to laugh at me


you think it’s ok to call me names

ridicule and shame me / sabotage my poetry

you                  in your little town

of tiny minds

where (only) conformity

is humanity


what can i do?

how do you skin

a rabbit

that has never ending skins?


Paul Robert Mullen is a poet, musician and sociable loner from Liverpool, U.K. He has three published poetry collections: curse this blue raincoat (2017), testimony (2018), and 35 (2018). He also enjoys paperbacks with broken spines, and all things minimalist.


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