This sunset

By Jakky Bankong-Obi


This sunset

Like Picasso brushing the canvass

Of this Benue Savannah sky

With a burst of golden hues

Is a kiss to end the day,

An incursion of beauty

Calling a truce on these toils

And pursuit of industry,

A cue to nature’s wild creatures

To lay it all down, rest.

So, the softness beneath our rage

And the whimsy under the hardness

Can grow under the cover of night

And unobtrusive lunar light.


Jakky Bankong-Obi is a Media Consultant from Abuja, Nigeria. She enjoys going on long walks, Yoga and dabbling in Nature Photography. Her poems have been published by The London Grip, Kingdoms in the Wild (KITW) and forthcoming in The Kalahari Review and Voices of Eve.

Instagram; @jakkybee
Twitter; @jakkybeefive

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