The State of the Union is Late Stage Capitalism.

By Niklas Stephenson


“The womb he crawled from is still going strong.”

– Bertold Brecht

Trump has held his third State of the Union speech. Empty words, hollow phrases, a prospering nation and a rising stock market, more jobs created – America First!

This year’s State of the Union not only filled the room of empty-headed professional conmen and women with hollow phrases, but also hollow gestures. Nancy Pelosi ripped up the manuscript of the speech, feeding the extravagant sensationalism of the American political freak show of empty symbolism, gestures and words. The truth of the State of the Union is late stage capitalism. A neoliberal style capitalist system that is unhinging itself once again in favor of totalitarian, fascistic tendencies of lawmakers to upkeep the ever growing profit of a few.

The State of the Union is the nation’s poor, the minorities, and the victims of aggressive US imperialism. The State of the Union is late stage capitalism leading towards fascism.

Niklas “Manik” Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published three chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press and self published a novel, “Bloodbursts”, available on Amazon. In his spare time he provocates whoever and whatever he can and finds peace with his wife, son and family. Instagram @_manikbloc_

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