The Dream is Over pt. 1

By Scott Laudati


it was all good once.

football games on friday nights

and maybe second base under the bleachers

before the last call cigarettes

and coffee

at the all night diners.

the future american heroes saving up

for monday morning war stories

and the lucky ones

got fist pounds and made bets on what

was next.

but the stars fall close.

and the good ones get out.

and those years

that once felt endless

didn’t prepare us

for a future alone


Il sogno è finito pt.1 (The Dream Is Over pt. 1)

Versione Italiano – Translated by Aida Marella


una volta tutto era bello.

le partite di football il venerdì sera

e magari appartarsi sotto le


prima dell’ultimo giro

di caffè e sigarette

nelle rosticcerie notturne.

i futuri eroi americani collezionavano


per i racconti di guerra del lunedì mattina

quelli più fortunati prendevano pacche

sulle spalle e facevano scommesse sulle

imprese future.

ma le stelle si spengono.

e quelle migliori si eclissano.

e quegli anni

che un tempo ci sembravano infiniti

non ci hanno preparati

ad un futuro di solitudine.


Scott Laudati lives in NYC with his Chiweenie, Drake. He is the author of poetry collections Hawaiian Shirts In The Electric Chair & BONE HOUSE. Visit Laudati on instagram @scottlaudati
Aida Marella lives in Rome with her collection of Pete Doherty records. When she is not touring the museums and cafes of Europe she can be found translating works for an Italian audience. Visit her on instagram @aidadanslecafe

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