The Cathartic Masturbation of Self Deprecation

By Thomas Hannah


I’m in bad shape

thinking about things

I’ve done this year

nothing but snake eyes

look down at mine


on my knees

they pull my hair

bitch you like that

i’ll open my heart up

to tear at its seams

hoping something busts out

to touch me

a pigeon clipped my wings

seems soil is richer than this

I have the luck of a leper

the pope in Aleppo

with every exhale I’m

pleading for mercy

from a world unforgiving

please forgive me

shoot the author of this misfortune

this city is exhausting

and this evening

even the beer has made me sick.

Whats left?


Thomas J Hannah is a poet from Sydney, Australia. His work often tackles themes of tragedy, hedonism and the human condition. He is currently working on his first full-length release.

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