The bird and her guide

By Natasha Devalia

Thud, the little bird fell,
the glass remained intact;
the bird was stunned.

He approached her filled with compassion, 
wrapped her in a warm, beige towel, 
held her close to his softly-beating heart.
He stayed that way for a few minutes as she came  to;

She squirmed, unaware of what was going on.
He instinctively loosened his grip, 
spreading his pink fingers slightly apart.

She moved one wing, 
then the other,
testing her ability.

He, the true guide gave her more room, 
enough to express herself,
but not too much,
for freedom can seem scary at first.

He navigated their relationship,
gradually moving her
 to more open space.

He gave her a little lift
and off she flew:
grateful and free.

Natasha Devalia is Zambian of Indian heritage living in Thailand. She writes, performs, teaches dance and yoga and enjoys painting. Natasha is the owner of Studio Figure Eight, in Koh Samui, Thailand.

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