Sentient being/Lost machine 

By GJ Thomas


Down by

the dumpsters

and the scurrying

of cockroaches –

an abandoned mattress,

a scattered selection

of music tapes

from a different lifetime,

a disembowelled

washing machine,

whilst intermittently an

electronic beep sounds

from a robotic floor cleaner

like the whimper of an

abandoned family dog

left at the roadside

on a stormy night –

longing to return home.


That leaves me wondering if

the machine’s learnt to

process emotion?


Realising that finally

I have again too.


“Gwil James Thomas is a poet, novelist and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. In 2019 his poetry was featured in the first volume of East London Press’ 3 Poets series. He has also forthcoming poetry chapbooks from Concrete Meat Press and Holy & Intoxicated Publications. Other work can be found widely in print and also online at Expat Press, 3AM Magazine, Punk Lit Press, Philosophical Idiot and now here. He currently lives in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.”

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