Rodent Takeover

By Niklas Stephenson

Once we had a rat in our kitchen
on the fifth floor
it came through the window
up through the drain pipes.
I never thought much of it
until Trump became president
(and all others like him)
and I realized
rodents are taking over the world
making their way up
in absurd circumstance
and the cockroach cult
which was also in the kitchen
coexisting with the furry bastard
will survive the coming apocalypse,
while so called normality and decency
screams and raves and panters
to get the fucker out
and bitch and moan and complain
to get rid of the cult
but no one thinks
to tear down the pipes
smash the windows
and burn down the fucking house
because after all
it is comfortable here.


Niklas “Manik” Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published three chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press and self published a novel, “Bloodbursts”, available on Amazon. In his spare time he provocates whoever and whatever he can and finds peace with his wife, son and family. Instagram @_manikbloc_


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