Pretty lucky indeed

By GJ Thomas


I was working another cleaning gig

with yet another motley crew of cleaners –

deep cleaning the fetid and vacant rooms,

of an affluent and international

student hall.

I got to one room with my colleague,

as he’d galloped across the mess towards

the cupboard and pulled out a small umbrella.

You shouldn’t open that inside,

it’s bad luck,” I warned him.

“I’ve heard them all before kid –

don’t put wallets on the bed,

don’t smoke near butane canisters,

don’t open umbrellas inside!

What a lot of bullshit.” he replied,

before he pressed the open button

on the umbrella,

as the thing sprang to life and

stabbed him in the eye in the process,

before I stared down and noticed

a couple of banknotes

that the last student had just

left on the floor and slipped them

into my pocket,

as I patted my colleague on the back

and thought whoever said

opening umbrellas inside brought

bad luck was talking shit,

as here I was twenty pounds ahead

feeling pretty lucky indeed.


Gwil James Thomas is a poet, novelist and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. In 2019 his poetry was featured in the first volume of East London Press’ 3 Poets series. He has also forthcoming poetry chapbooks from Concrete Meat Press and Holy & Intoxicated Publications. Other work can be found widely in print and also online at Expat Press, 3AM Magazine, Punk Lit Press, Philosophical Idiot and now here. He currently lives in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.

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