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  • Simon Maddrell

Unashamed (as I am)

By Simon Maddrell

to have sex

in public

the lad with footballer’s

thighs down the Brentford

railway passage

the bukkake circle

behind the cottage

on the A40 Trunk

high on the terrace

that granite table

in Tower Bridge

I have felt

your discomfort

for forty years

loaded with an object

a triumph

as though a woman

is a goal

and the telling

a chant.


Simon Maddrell is a queer Manx man, thriving with HIV and living in Brighton & Hove. He’s published in fourteen anthologies and numerous publications including AMBIT, Butcher’s Dog, Stand, The Moth, The New European, Morning Star, Perverse, Dawntreader and Long Poem Magazine. Simon’s debut, Throatbone, was published by UnCollected Press in July 2020. Queerfella jointly-won The Rialto Open Pamphlet Competition, 2020. He is one of three poets in the Nine Pens Press anthology, All About Our Mothers (Jan. 2022). Twitter: @QueerManxPoet Facebook: @SimonMaddrellPoetry Instagram: @simonmaddrell SoundCloud: @simonmaddrell


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