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  • Reanna - One Inky Queer

Tongue trips

Reanna - One Inky Queer

The words that come when we are

Inherited, the best a little wrong

Delicious controversial, tongues marred

Powerful switches, platforms to leap from

Gender-play loosening, lifting

Your not-boy shroud of shame

While letting me sneak unseen back in

To treacherous absented planes

Words released from toxic old control

By ruling and obeyance confused

By burning eyes and loving coals

Phrases as teacher I barely used

Not wanting to draw their lines, the shoulds

And myself still longing to be good


Trauma poet keeping it light. Serving you queer cripple realness, honey. Big stylistic range, or possibly just quite confused. Insistently and unstoppably intimate and inappropriate, but not in the fun way. Also does children's poems (no, really).

In the last year, Reanna has been published in Joyful Noise, Aghh zine and been commissioned by Disability Arts Online, for whom they also blog poetic essays.

They have performed at Hammer & Tongue, Words by the Water, Horseplay, Pier Poetry, The Actors and Rebel Soapbox. They also co-host a regular queer and trans poetry group @PoetryMeetQT.


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