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  • James McDermott

The weight

By James McDermott

you call me out as fruit because I am

a lad with pink lady atop my head

to be tiny target I eat nothing

but granny smiths you mark me

light in the loafers to become light

I eat only cox’s medium sized

apples are eighty calories I am

stamped fudge packer I pack in fudge

for russets are fat free you teach me

homo in tongue of reduction

I juice myself turn myself to cider

is flammable you brand me faggot which

means kindling I learn to burn my body

disappears when you say poof


James McDermott's spoken word collection 'Manatomy', longlisted for Polari's First Book Prize 2021, is published by Burning Eye and their pamphlet 'Erased' is published by Polari Press. James's new pamphlet which explores the queerness of nature is forthcoming in December 2022 from Broken Sleep Books. James's poems have been widely published in magazines including Poetry Wales, 14 Poems and The Cardiff Review.

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