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  • Barnaby Smith


Barnaby Smith

“the sentiment of love can enter into any subject and live ardently in remote phrases”

- Joseph Conrad, Nostromo


beckoned over,

insects gather

& begin orgies

in the corner of his eye—

he is getting to know

blood & thought & skin

as something to grab a handful of


& big evenings


as figures pass through doors

as vanishing pixelations—

the smell of today's

experimental burning hair

is still in your nostrils

lets also exhale

the bogged memory

of the roadkill we saw at dusk

splayed & sublime


avenues asleep &

always full of nests,

dimmed under sullen clouds

so quilted catastrophes

behind blinds

are our conversations

imagined in

the soft cladding of

night walks

(with streetlight animating

those scratched red mailboxes)

before turning back

to the house that talks itself

into being —

your shrimpish frame


until who knows what


Barnaby Smith is a poet, critic, journalist and musician living on Darug and Gundungurra land in New South Wales, Australia. Recent work has appeared or will appear in journals such as Blackbox Manifold, Stand, 3AM, Erbacce, Orbis, Marble, Molly Bloom and Blaze Vox, as well as Cordite, Southerly, Australian Poetry Journal, Australian Poetry Anthology, Best Australian Poems, and more. He is an award-winning art and music critic, and records music under the name Brigadoon, having released the album, Itch Factor, in 2020:


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