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  • John Tustin

I saw the angels

By John Tustin

I saw the angels.

I saw them while I was asleep

Or maybe I was half asleep and half awake.

There was this song by Ray Wylie Hubbard in my head

Or maybe Rodney Crowell or Townes Van Zandt

And I was dressed all in red

As the angels crowded around me.

They rended my clothes and exposed my heart.

I saw they had no smiles.

I saw they had no frowns.

I saw that they were at work.

They lifted me upright

And then they told me that The Good Samaritan was to be admired

And I was to do likewise

And then they told me to love all people as I loved God

And that I must love God because I am His reflection

And lastly

I was told that if they loved me

They would come to me

And if they did not come to me

Then I should love them anyway

But let them be.

Here I am, awake now,

Trying to love myself

And everyone who has wronged me

Or forgotten my name

While I wait for you,

Whom I cannot help but love

No matter your response,


Acquiescence or


I see the angels.

They come and speak to me while I am asleep

And they tell me to love without condition

And to do good

And that is easy to do

While I am sleeping.


1 Comment

Leah Mueller
Leah Mueller
Jul 09, 2022

This poem is quite poignant, and I love the ending.

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