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  • Joshua Martin

Excavated open-pit revealed a stark disorder

By Joshua Martin

My pockets ebb less standardized than sheen

removing agenda in spite of lint. Unlocking

fancy tangled branches dimming in effect a

recent survey into dragon skulls in pith helmet

stirring discoloration beyond potential spank.

Long piece of inch cools reductive TV channel

snacking rodent area commodity like my wider

shifts appeal disruptive plundered between bats

enigmatic as a warrior palm tree acropolis stud

benching endurance. Clairvoyant syllable wall

I symbolize terracotta exile foxtrot plundering

vast in a trance to fill digging flinch faraway un-

savory brooch dazzling haunting helpless why.

Contained figurative quarries skimpy in a blimp

post-traumatic ablaze semblance murky god

fasting rewrite hidden behind a horned fresco.

My lost cities worn like suffered pearly lying

joints lodged a quarter with a fiery blemish

below trapeze ibex. Grain sullen between grafts

exclamation mark extract no less than refined

in muscle memory shoulder blade balanced lid

betraying fatal criminal perfunctory arrowhead

more arid than a doughnut stomach. Heaving

content blasted morphing into flooded trees

nearest kneeling taken the tools to bending any

healthcare innuendo and concluded tightrope

an artery. Border harbors sophistry decorated

chamber piece marked without a sense of gold

then royally steeped from end to end obscurity

bankrolled mining disaster split hair carnage.

At southern nowhere my drops prevail

in lessened glance of a rival ornate.

Blessed lower right arm only judges

ballgame hide forest of octagon goon

briefly romanticized before final sagging.

Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the books combustible panoramic twists (Trainwreck Press), Pointillistic Venetian Blinds (Alien Buddha Press) and Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals including Otoliths, M58, The Sparrow’s Trombone, Coven, Scud, Ygdrasil, RASPUTIN, Ink Pantry, and Synchronized Chaos. You can find links to his published work at @jmartinpoetry


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