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  • Tohm Bakelasis

Everyone mourns differently

Tohm Bakelas

“everyone mourns differently”

i share jokes at funerals

because the dead can-

not hear anything

“everything went black”

fourteen years old suburban

white boy blues kicked in—

punk rock saved my soul

“environmentally conscious poet”

rather than waste paper

i place three haikus on

each page to save trees


Tohm Bakelasis a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. He was born in New Jersey, resides there, and will die there. His poems have been printed widely in journals, zines, and online publications all over the world. He has authored twenty-five chapbooks and several collections of poetry, including Cleaningthe Gutters of Hell (Zeitgeist Press, 2023). As editor of Between Shadows Press, he’s curated two editions of the notorious journal, “Haikus, Nearkus, Fauxkus, Fuckyous.”


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