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  • Hasham Khalid


By Hasham Khalid

Green is swift with her enumerations

You could call purple a gift

Or a fruit

A new culture of appreciation

Not that the grey makes any sense

Or semblance of blue throws you in

with the rest.

I seek a new metaphor

For flight

An escape from tradition.

The blossoming of water

In drops spread on your skin.

I should endeavour more

To knead the substance floored

In my mind.

Construct a new horizon

In tangerine and pink.

Black is the absence

The old abscess encroached upon the heart

Burn it with yellow dancing

In agreement.

My body feels lighter on your easel

Where I crawl amidst

unrealised dreams

And fictions,

In colour.


Hasham Khalid is a poet from Pakistan. His poetry is inspired by the organic life of the cities he has lived in. He tweets @afterdoubt.


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