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  • d.S. randoL

A couple of seagulls laughing

d.S. randoL

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

the black gumline

of knife is

best gripped against teeth

the clip snuck whole

on side - streets, far as needlepoint

near Granby

or Front St.,

what ever goes

down cold and whining, at the foot of bridges —

shackles & packs of

water, rolling around,

making love.

you awake, dimed and stoned, you

emerge from shadows casting

upon ground, you see

cans and spiced breeze all catapulting

into the ocean and the horizon and again

one line in the same, under

blood drips down your shirt.


d.S. randoL (they/them) is a delicate flower. d.S. randoL is a hardcore moshpit fiend. d.S randoL is trying to do the right thing and you can read more of their work at Roi Fainéant Press, Crab Apple Literary, Sledgehammer Lit, or on Twitter @dSrandoL.


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