By Thomas Hannah


as we all turn to polish up our dirty reflections

thanking the steam distorting our bathroom mirrors

sucking in our stubborn stomachs

turning our necks upwards for a younger selfie

for another zombie who isn’t hungry

but loves eating

leaving our brainless generation

reposting quotes & lyrics

like we know how it feels to have cognition

when really we’re talking a lot*

without saying anything*

I remember when the bright spark was smothered

& the sharpest tool blunted

but now the Kardashians are practically scientists

everybody’s synchronised swimming

in the mainstream

tiptoeing that tightrope between breath & drowning

we all want to be naked

but not honestly

send him your tits & you’ll get a dick pic


but I’ll bet he calls you a bitch

& you hit him eventually

then blame one another or your childhood for the way you’re acting

show me your smoke & you can see my mirror

& we’ll run away like we understand each other

when a society sells more superficiality than sincerity

who needs honestly when bullshits currency

this pen is methadone medicine & we’re all out of heroins

but if you can’t beat them

join them

& be institutionalised

by escapism prison system

I don’t hate all humans really

just the ones living.


Thomas J. Hannah is a poet from Sydney, Australia. His work often tackles themes of tragedy, hedonism, and the human condition. He is currently working on his first full-length release.

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