Mathematics of the Future

By Rico Craig


In the bleakest of hours

statistics turn into a vision machine of birth and death

and people start talking about dollars

dry-humping the exponentials of superannuation.


Our visionaries are bespectacled, paunchy and unable

to comprehend heartbeats.

There are economists wrapping

their tongues in foil,

they’re calling the sky purple

and telling us to invest in the truth.


Interest is secure, dollars multiply.

It has nothing to do with chance,

everything is organisation

and logistics.


Futures are spiders made of air

they bind whole worlds,

bricks and mortar are carried by steam;

and when we sleep it is on water.


Rico Craig is a teacher, writer, and award-winning poet whose work melds the narrative, lyrical, and cinematic. Craig is published widely; his poetry collection BONE INK was winner of the 2017 Anne Elder Award and shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize for Poetry in 2018. To find his recent writing, visit, and follow him on Instagram @rico_craig and Twitter @RicoCraig.

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