By Karina Bush


There is something there
After the scent I’m marking frantic I’m waiting
Like he is
And I hear a dog cry
Outside my window
Sounds like my soul
Sounds like limbo
Sounds wrong
But he can’t break it
And I can’t either
I’m trying
My body is long – stretched
In his maul
And my teeth are grinding
Into jawbone


Karina Bush is an Irish writer and visual poet, born in Belfast and now living in Rome. She is the author of three books, ‘BRAIN LACE’ (BareBackPress, 2018), ‘50 EURO’ (BareBackPress, 2017), and ‘MAIDEN’ (48th Street Press, 2016). She is currently finishing up a collection of stories set in Belfast, a story from this collection was recently published by Akashic Books. For more visit her website and Instagram

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