By Mark Anthony Pearce

He used to go hunting 
With his father on weekends 
Then after a while 
The hunting stopped 
Things grew worse 
The mother 
The father 
But she kept 
The wedding ring 
On her finger 
They lived apart 
In time 
The father 
Living on his own 
Slowly drank himself to death
His pet dog 
Resorted to drinking water
From the toilet bowl 
He was cremated 
And the mother 
Kept the ashes in an urn 
But later grew weary 
Of keeping it 
‘We’ve been divorced
For ten years’ 
She said

Mark Anthony Pearce lives and works as a Receptionist in Bristol, South West England. Mark’s first collection, co-authored with Danny D. Ford, ‘Perforated By Sirens’(December 2020) was published by Analog Submission Press. His poetry has been published in University of Essex Poetry Journal, BS Poetry Magazine and online, Inefável, Coronaverses, Winamop, Horror Sleaze Trash, Duane’s PoeTree, Piker PressAlbany Poets, Ten Million FliesOpen Arts Forum Cacti Fur. Mark’s writing has also featured in ‘Anne Bean: Self Etc’ (Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books, Autumn 2018)

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