Leaving Nowhere

By FS Overly


The days have run, they are running

As the isles of youth slowly close, they’re closing

The last moments of something new are ending, They are dying

And with time passing, leaving such memories behind

Time is no longer an old friend, He is an enemy

The days are longer, but they pass faster

A new beginning looms ominously, She is looming

But it takes not where one wishes

But to new avenues and darker clusters

Where time is waiting and Fear is growing

Age is exposing such maladies of youth hidden

Where sanitarium lies just ahead, where it always hid

Youth was only too young to see

Now in a horizon finally met, uncertainty waits

Just ahead for the kids and the chicks

For the ones who wait until the end of such a horizon

Ever receding and left damned,

They are damned

To lonesome wanderings

Not those of beauty, not those of venture

No, not those of such dreams

But those of childlike running

They are fleeing

With youth and family not just a jaunt

But now an Odyssey, an Odyssey away

Maybe there will be more mobile blues again

Blues under the night lights

Blues awoken by white lights

Homeless blues upon the in between

Perhaps blues are living

Amidst the rest are dying.


F. S. Overly is an American poet, writer, and figment. Author of A Hill Without Trees.

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