Keyhole Eyes

By Katja Klingberg


Those keyhole eyes capture me

They haunted my dreams for years

You just stood out that window and smile, never leaving me be

And I stared into your eyes that were filled with tears

Those black keyholes for eyes

Those eyes that forever captured me in this dream

Schizophrenic they say, lies

Who are they? they ask while I scream

But it’s never clear in this dream I’ve been stuck in for years

This dream you have locked me away in

It must be a dream because I can always see you and all my fears

You’re always behind me as you grin

Staring at me with those locked eyes

Yet I can only ever see a peek

A peek of what lies behind those keyhole eyes

A peek behind that demented mind that’s so bleak

Then I hear that tick of your heart

That clock of a heart that counts to 26

Yet you’re only at 17, but I want you to restart

That tick, that tock and even more ticks

All you ever do is bother me

Always sitting right behind me

Even when I drive away you always appear on the next street

Just smiling and staring and ticking and tocking

Always haunting me in my dream

This endless dream that never ends

This endless nightmare that has some good spots

Yet I can never get rid of you

Never get rid of the ticks or tocks

Never get out of sight of those keyhole eyes

Forever trapped with this boogy man of mine

So I’m trapped in those eyes and I sing with those tick, tick, tocks


Katja Klingberg is a biochemistry student who experiments with poetry. 

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