Kentish Town

By Angelica Arsan


You say we shouldn’t

Be making the effort
No love is worth
The humiliation and pain We’re inflicting each other

You say we’ll never
Be able to cross
The ocean between us In this vain attempt We will only drown

It’s raining over Kentish Town We walk down Gaisford Street And silently recall
Our crazy lovemaking

One night last summer,
on a bench in the pouring rain


(“Where do you live?” you asked me

“Falcon Wharf”, I joked

“Too much for me”

“It’s Brixton actually”

“That’s better…”)


How many lives am I supposed to live Before I forget
The way you held me,
Stroking my hair

The way we came quickly, Laughing
When you licked my cheek and said How nice it was to be us

It’s pouring down on Kentish Town We can’t discern
Between raindrops and tears When we

Look up at each other On our way home

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