By Jacob Ragsdell


Insecure this morning, till the sun retires

Pride taking possession, digging his fingers into my soul.

Which is better?

Being in control and wanting to fade into the abyss.

Some love the feeling, able to take hold and feast

Rapture Rapture!

Being controlled and loving every second of this life.

I love the feeling. It fulfilled the one desire I had.


It was the only thing I asked for, one desire

Turning into a union, one can never withdrawal from.


Help me. Fill me. Kill me. Do whatever you desire!

As long as it gives me some feeling in this reality.

I’ll do anything!

Reflection, a funny thing. Mirror. Is this me?

One name then infinity. Bound inside this body.

My prison.

People stare at me with fear, the polarity of love.

Disgusting humans, they don’t know the difference.

Help me?


Jacob Ragsdell grew up in Columbia Missouri, a city full of poverty and wealth. His poetry is a reflection on his experiences as a teen and what it’s like to grow up in America today.   

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