& he still has hell to look forward to

By Thomas Hannah

the bitch goddess

of breath’s buzzards 

picked me to pieces 

for breathing 

songs of empathy 

an ode blown to love’s fragility 

that tenderised & hardened me 

she’ll never forgive me 

for my sympathies 

that dog mother of exhaling 

fed me full of pain 

so now my hates overweight 

at least I’m skinny 

who needs meat anyway – it’s murder 

my bones hold nothing but marrow 

the soul’s all that matters 

& it in its essence can’t be digested 

or weighed in its existence 

it belongs to those moments perfected 

when the world feels real for just a few seconds 

call me the queen of the degenerates  

I worship a fat Elvis 

I carry a casket in this carcass 

& want to be buried naked

*Title from Seven – 1995

Finding his love of poetry through songwriting and music, Thomas Hannah is an Australian artist with influences from Billie Holiday to Black flag & back again. 

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