By Amy Daisy Van Duzer

Some women
Are Gypsies
I see it in their step
They bounce when they walk
They’re going somewhere

Some women are Gypsies
They hide trinkets in their bra
And in
their hair
Casino tickets

The Gypsies
Dark mountains of curls
Cascading down their backs
They can’t hide the fact
That what they hide inside of them
Is coveted
by many

The truths they hold
The untruths they check
Of course
Lead them onto steady but
Scrappy courses
It’s nothing different
Than what their ancestors endured
And this is what carries them
One thousand years
Of learned
Caring for
Brothers and sisters
Waiting for the time
When things get
A little easier
Or a whole lot harder

Time will tell
Or look at the cards
They’ll tell
You, surely

Or look at the stars
Fake, plastic diamonds
Dull but still sparkling
Struggling to Shine hard
But still sparkling
That dull sparkle
Soft but hard

Some women are Gypsies
And when they walk
The world around them
Seems to crumble
If for just an instant.

Amy Van Duzer is a lifelong writer and MFA candidate at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She is most inspired by her travels as well as other poets and lyricists. She has published pieces in magazines such as “Parallax.”  Follow her on instagram @amydaisyvand

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