God is Dead

By Thomas Taragni


God is dead and the world became adult.

The bells played the requiem

and a liar is the one who says not to have shivered

while the sound went out

through the early mist, in the morning.

But already God was funeral of veneration

since its properly human catch the dyophysis

with all that is life and, just like him, contains it.

Is properly human revere the universality of the existing,

slide her over the body

like streams of virgin rain.

And what are we if not water and air and

bark and faded colored leaves?

Today we worship indifference and the pace that comes from it

while we wither under the sun of Ego.

We killed God to steal his throne

and wear its crown.

We abandoned the veneration of life

to create a God doomed to fall.

But the only way to escape to the eternity of meat and dust’s

return is, and always will be

to live.


Thomas Taragni is an Italian philosophy student but, most of all, an insatiable learner. He writes to heal and understand, record the universality of the many faces of human sorrow, and the little and enchanting hope that hides beneath them. For more works, visit his personal profile on Instagram @tho_m95

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