Every single interaction you make will have massive cosmic significance

By Balazs Jarai

We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings and deeds are listened to by all that is 

– Serge King

The average person makes about 1000 friends throughout the course of their life, or at least 1000 meaningful interactions with other individuals where you have the opportunity to positively, or negatively affect someone or something.

Consider that each one of those 1000 people, will also have 1000 meaningful interactions. In just two steps you have affected 1 million people’s lives.
How you choose to affect them is up to you.

One million people can quickly become one billion. One billion people’s actions and energy can easily affect an entire planet. A planet’s energy can affect a solar system. A solar system can influence a galaxy and a galaxy an entire and infinite universe.

Why would you want to positively influence an entire universe?
The real question is, why would you not?

Your life is not pointless or meaningless; you might smile at your neighbours dog one morning and a supernova explodes a million light years away to begin the process for carbon based life.

Learn how to see. Realise that everything is connected to everything else.

– Leonardo Da Vinci

You yourself might be the result of an alien smile out there in the distant depths of the universe.


Balazs Jarai is an MC, poet, wanderer and wonderer. Right now his base camp is Colorado. See his the photos from his latest adventures @balazs jarai and listen to him on Spotify (artist: Dreadful B).


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