Domesticated Humans

By Niklas Stephenson

I hear
scratching in the wall
the rats came to play
shuffling behind
the puke stained wall
looking to find entrance
to the floor
covered in bottles
other paraphernalia
to find their way
to the ripped leather couches
where humans lay
despondent and careless
dead with open eyes
catatonic from
wasted nights
and forgotten days
rats seek shelter
from humans
that discharge their souls
for ecstatic delights
highs and drunks, wasted
because the domesticated
humans will poison them
but we are also rats
to those humans
hated and despised
seeking shelter
in the night
seeking escape
from their meanings and reasons
because domesticated humans
have masters and owners.


Niklas “Manik” Stephenson is a German American writer and poet currently living in Speyer, Germany. He has published two chapbooks of poetry with Analog Submission Press and self published a novel, “Bloodbursts”, available on Amazon. In his spare time he provocates whoever and whatever he can and finds peace with his wife, son and family. Instagram @manikbloc 

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