By Steve Carter                     


                     Sitting on the steps

                     since late afternoon.

                     Now it is dark.

                     Still no sign.


                     The same scene

                     I have always known,


                     the factory,

                     closed last summer,

                     its owner dead.


                     Dust poisoning.


                     on hot summer days

                     it smokes

                     like a steaming kettle


Steve Carter is a writer and jazz guitarist. He taught music and English at Berklee College of Music. His first book of poems, Intermodulations, was recently published by Maat Publishing (www.maatpublishing.net). His poetry has appeared in many magazines, including Hanging Loose, Carolina Review, Stand, and Clackamas Literary Review.He has 10 CDs of his music available on his independent record label, Frogstory Records (www.frogstoryrecords.com).

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