Deciphering Fellow Humans

By Josh Dale


is predicated by one’s subjective experience

or simply watching drunks trying to lay

at last call or

people watching while picking

skin around fingernails

or an Irish Car Bomb at

a metal show

upper deck or

in the rat race downtown

packed train then packed bus

then packed office.

Architects design parapets to hide

the cold ugly units on the roof

from the consumers below.

Just keep that in mind.


Josh Dale is a Temple University alum, bicyclist, beer enthusiast, and owner of the sweetest Bengal cat. His work has appeared in 48th Street Press, Huffington Post, Page & Spine, vox poetica, and others. He’s the founder and editor-in-chief of Thirty West Publishing House with two chapbooks and a poetry collection, Duality Lies Beneath (Thirty West 2016)


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