Debating What To Do With The Day

By Scott Wozniak


Sitting on my couch

at 10:30 am

on a Tuesday

in plaid pijamas

and slippers,

fighting the feeling

I should be

doing more–

searching for work,

being a productive member

of society,

or some such bullshit.


Instead of a beer,

I crack the spine

on a book of poetry

by Doug Draime.



I feel the need

to do more


through the cracks,

and find peace

a drink

could never



Scott Wozniak is a poet/chaos enthusiast living in Oregon. His works are widely published, both online and in print. He has three books, Crumbling Utopian Pipedream (Moran Press), Killing Our Saints (Svensk Apache Press), and Ash On Your Face like Warpaint (Analog Submission Press). His fourth book, Shooting Gallery Vultures, will be published this spring by Moran Press.

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