D’Aprés Bukowski

By Angelica Arsan


Yeah – love’s a dog

A rabid, snarling dog

A stray dog rustling in

filthy trash bins, hunger-crazed

Eaten by

Scabies and vermin

And he does come from Hell

A backstreet Hell

littered with rotting garbage

Beer cans

Stinking of piss

Sour cum

Human failures


I walk every night down that street

Eyes full of tears, mouth echoing

with unsaid words

And pass by the dog

Neither of us

Acknowledging the other



It hears me approaching

Turns its

drooling muzzle

Looks up at me

Its eyes are turquoise blue

And bright like diamonds

They heal my wounds

with scented ointments

Turns my tears into

Drops of rain


Love’s a dog

A crippled Mangled dog

Licking the bites on your heart


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