Dance Anywhere

By David Cullern

We lost the will to play
as the grinding of the gears
wrung us dry,
wiped coloured paint
from our face,
strapped our bones
in the cloth and lace
of the grey day misery
of generations
gone by

Ideas were not given
as promised,
they were taken away
from the infants we were whose trees
were unmade forts
and whose strangers
were friends
not yet made

We had been
a natural harbinger of chaos,
a wild thing,
now suffocated by
prisons of comfort
and tamed
by Pavlov’s ring

But it still sits
inside us all
but it will sleep no more
when the wolves
in our hearts
stand up
and heed the call,
shed that which is enforced
and burn the prison wall.

Dave Cullern is a poet based in Hastings, UK. He is a doting cat mother, the vocalist of the band Haest and runs the coffee company, Sham City Roasters. His debut poetry collection, ‘Fuck Ballads #1 Modern Extremes’ is available now. @fuckballads

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